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Food has always been a passion for those of us involved in the founding of Noodles O’Brien. Paul O’Brien of Billings, MT, launched the venture in 2016, with support from family, friends, and community members. From helping his mother prepare family meals as a child, to creating dorm-room feasts while studying at Montana State University, cooking has been a consistent theme in Paul’s life. During completion of his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in Missoula, Paul realized that his passion for preparing food for those around him was a gift he needed to share. This discovery inspired Paul to launch a food venture focused on offering healthy and accessible food, prepared using a responsible and sustainable approach.The community is at the heart of the Noodles O'Brien business model. We purchase ingredients from local vendors and then offer hand-crafted food back to the community in a fun social setting. In this model, Noodles O'Brien acts as the intermediary between producers and consumers, turning raw products into delicious cuisine. While the Noodles O'Brien staff proudly carries out this important step, we recognize that it is only made possible through a community effort, from the farmer to the conscientious consumer.This community minded integration of food production, preparation, and consumption, can help us improve our health, happiness, and local economy. Join us!

Mission Statement

At Noodles O'Brien our mission is to serve our community, convenient and affordable, savory noodle bowls using our scratch-made sauces. Each bowl, prepared with locally sourced ingredients, will reflect our responsible and sustainable approach to creating a perfect food experience, fueled by a passion to promote good health and happiness.

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